Mosque sound system Upgrade


The recent renovations of the sound system at the mosque has been a large milestone for the community. With new speakers, new camera stand, and new wireless microphones, it has made the Mosque look more neat but also easier to use the system.

These improvements have tidied up all the wires in both the main prayer and womens prayer room and has made our Mosque look more professional.

This project will be used as a benchmark for our community and will be felt throughout generations.

The renovation project was undertaken with the following goals:

  1. Remove all wires in the main prayer room, and the women’s prayer room
  2. Replace the old speakers with new speakers
  3. Setup wireless microphones that work with the upstairs and main floor speakers
  4. Setup a new stand for the camera



Thank you to our Volunteer

We would like to show our appreciation by thanking Merkur Kodra and his company Vana Alarms for taking the lead in this project and completing it for free. He has setup an amazing sound system removing all wires in both the main and women’s prayer rooms and making everything wireless.

With this new setup, it has become much easier to maneuver around with the wireless microphones and the quality of the new speakers have been amazing.



Merkur Kodra
Company: Vana Alarms