Completion Date: 09-DEC-2023

Mosque Siding Project

From Old to New: The Mosque’s Siding Transformation

Reflecting On Our Past

As we embark on our journey of transformation at our Albanian mosque, it’s important to remember where we started.

The old siding, with its signs of wear and weathering, stood as a stronghold to our community’s history and resilience. These images of the mosque’s exterior, captured before the project commenced, speaks volumes about the years of devotion and fellowship that occurred within.

The Journey of Transformation

Moving into the heart of our transformative journey, the focus shifts to the astounding work from all our volunteers. With our strong, experienced, and intelligent team leading the way, this phase became a remarkable display of skill and community collaboration. Each image chronicles a step in the transition, illustrating the removal of the old siding and the careful installation of the new.

This was a time of collaboration and community spirit, where the combined efforts of volunteers brought us closer to realizing our vision. The progress captured in these photos reflects not only a physical transformation but a testament to our community’s commitment and unity.

Embracing a New Era: The Mosque’s Siding Revealed

The completion of our mosque’s siding project, marks a profound transformation. The mosque now stands with a renewed exterior which extends beyond mere aesthetics, offering benefits like enhanced structural integrity, improved thermal insulation, and an elevated visual appeal.

This milestone signifies a new era for our mosque, ensuring it remains an inviting and secure space for both worship and community interaction. The success of this endeavor is a testament to the unwavering commitment and hard work of our volunteers, embodying the strength of community collaboration and the remarkable achievements possible when we unite toward a shared objective.

Thank you to our Volunteers

We would like to show our appreciation by thanking our volunteers who have done an amazing job in completing this project. Without everyones help, none of this could have been made possible in the time frame and quality that this project was completed. We sincerely value each and every contribution from each individual and organization, as they have played a vital role.




Saim Mustafa

Ismail Ademi

Faton Sherifovski

Ilir Rushiti

Dino Bllaca

Fitim Memedi

Harun Demireli

Amir Ramadani

Mensur Latifi

Rexhep Gallapeni

Bajram Neziri

Ditar Sherifi

Naim Rexhepi

Bari Alimovski

Valbon Shabani

Merkur Kodra

Arben Strelci

Xhemi Agaj

Ismajl Agushi

Murteza Halimi

Imer Latifi

Adnan Aliti

Besim Krasniqi

Hamdi Raqi

Nuri Shefkiu

Ardit Avdiu

Fatmir Bajrami

Shpendi Osmani

Ismail Muratovski

Artan Selman

Xhelajdin Reshiti

Nazim Qafleshi

Feim Iseni

Mexhit Abdulai

Mevlud Ademovski

Vedzrim Ademoski

Besnik Zejnullahu

Ibrahim Ibeski

Istref Mustafai

Agron Sherifi

Sedmir Mustafovski

Raman Ajdini

Samir Skeraj

Mirfan Hoxha

Qlirim Halimi

Meriton Halimi

Adhurim Halimi



Azis Ismaili

Qenan Avdullahi

Luljzim Krasniqi

Shaban Meta

Berat Bajrami

Ilir Lena

Fehmi Islami

Irfan Alijevski

Demir Alijevski

Suria Sej

Dritan Dede

Blerim Salihu

Resmi Karamani

Ylli Beqiri

Fazli Caka

Imer Hoti

Xhafer Ajdini

Mentor Fezal

Maksim Dehari

Vergerim Ademosvksi

Kader Mustafovski

Abedin Ukaj

Besnik Selmani

Ilir Halimi

Agmir Agaj

Seref Coban

Faruk Omeri

Nexhmi Aliu

Rasim Rasimi

Sadedin Memeti

Vllaznim Sulejmani

Ahmet Hoti

Ardian Rushiti

Gazmend Mehija

Dardan Emini

Mentor Berbatovci



Fix Aluminum
LIRIE Aluminum
RES Aluminum
Toronto Premier Roofing
Besniks Exterior
Emran Aluminum
Custom Aluminum Windows and Siding


Fix Aluminum
LIRIE Aluminum
RES Aluminum
Toronto Premier Roofing
Besniks Exterior
Emran Aluminum
Custom Aluminum Windows and Siding