Mosque Restroom Renovations


The recent renovations of the restroom facilities at our mosque has marked a significant improvement in the community’s religious practice. With the upgrade of the tiles and the design of the entire restroom, the renovations have given it a fresh new modern look and feel.

These improvements have transformed the restrooms into welcoming spaces, and minimizing overcrowding in the restrooms.

This project has set a benchmark for our community and how making continuous enhancements to our mosque can significantly enhance the spiritual and communal experience.

The renovation project was undertaken with the following goals:

Improve Design of Wudu Stations:
The focus was on improving the overall layout and functionality of the Wudu Stations

Ergonomic Design for Comfort:
Attention was paid to ensuring that the stations are comfortable for all members

Enhanced Space and Privacy:
By increasing the availble space and adding privacy features, a more suitable environment has been made



Thank you to all the volunteers

We would like to thank all the following volunteers who have worked diligently on this project. With the work that they have done, they have made great improvements to our mosque which will be noticed for generations.

  • Saim Mustafai
  • Ismail Amedi
  • Faton Sherifi
  • Fitim Memedi
  • Ilir Rushiti
  • Shpend Osmani
  • Dino Blacaj
  • Rexhep Gallapeni
  • Abedin Ukaj
  • Harun Demirel
  • Sadedin Memeti
  • Vllaznim Sulejmani
  • Ahmet Hoti
  • Sami Haziri
  • Ardian Rushiti

Special Thanks to the Following Companies for the material and work in helping making this project a success

RG Tile & Marble Inc