Mosque Doors Upgrade


New Doors, New Beginnings: Our Mosque Doors Transformation

The recent upgrades of the doors at the mosque has been a remarkable improvement not only for the exterior look, but also making it a more inviting place for members to enter our scared communal space.

These new doors are not only a physical improvement but also a symbol of our commitment to providing a welcoming and secure space for worship and community gatherings.

Moreover, the upgraded doors improve the security and safety of our sacred space, ensuring a peaceful environment. This change is a reflection of our community’s growth and our collective effort to create a better, more harmonious place for worship and fellowship.

Thank you to our Volunteers

We would like to show our appreciation by thanking our volunteers who have done an amazing job in completing this project without any compensation.

IC Windows and Doors took the lead in this project by replacing the front, side and rear doors. With their knowledge, expertise and cohesive teamwork, they have significantly contributed to the enhancement of our mosque.


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Demir Alijevski
Setmir Mustafai
Raman Ajdini
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